19 oz. x 90 ft. Grey Weatherstrip and Caulking Cord

19 oz. x 90 ft. Grey Weatherstrip and Caulking Cord

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  • Mortite is the original name in do-it-yourself caulking and it's still famous for quality and versatility, Mortie weather-strip and caulking cord will seal windows effectively, but it's also widely used as a casketing material, sound deadener, insect barrier and crack filler
  • Forms weatherproof seal on porous and non-porous surfaces
  • No caulking gun needed, just press in place with your fingertips
  • Won't harden so it seals tight, yet can be easily removed


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  • Brand new item
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A product classified Open Box is most likely a customer return. It means it was purchased as a brand new item by someone, who later decided to return it to the store. Upon inspection by our team, the product is classified as open box, and includes the following:
  • Doesn't seem to be used. 
  • Original manufacturer packaging may be open and/or not sealed
  • Packaging may have damage to the outside of the box but not on the product


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    • inspected for defects.
    • May or may not include original packaging
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