ET2 Electric Skateboards 7000 Watts | 12S4P | 35 mph | 25 Miles Range | 8'' Tires | Cool Lights | Made by CNC | with Remote | Suitable for All Terrain | for Adults.

ET2 Electric Skateboards 7000 Watts | 12S4P | 35 mph | 25 Miles Range | 8'' Tires | Cool Lights | Made by CNC | with Remote | Suitable for All Terrain | for Adults.

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Color Black Red
Age Range (Description) Adult
Deck Length 44 Inches
Deck Width 18 Inches
Item Weight 37 Pounds
Material Maple Wood
Wheel Size 55 Millimeters
Durometer Hardness 80A

About this item


  • The ET2 is Ecomobl's latest skateboard, and is our most evolved model. The larger double drop down Deck, gives it a low Center of gravity for better control with even wider trucks 18"/46cm, compared to the ET, it gives greater stability, clearance and off-road performance.
  • 2. It is Powered by our 12S4P - 768Wh battery and driven by two powerful 74mm brushless planetary gear motors, that effortlessly reach 30-35mph/48 -56 km, with great acceleration!!
  • 3. It's unique airless wheels 200 x 55 mm is ideal for city, uneven asphalt or off-road conditions. These tires have an internal honeycomb structure so that tire punctures are no longer a worry. The honeycomb structure also ensures a tight grip, and greatly reduces vibrations.
  • 4. Precise control is delivered through our latest motherboard with Power ESC, and latest Remote, providing 4 speed modes, 4 brake settings, partial and general odometer, speedometer. Also comes with very bright LED head lights, and tail lights.
  • Providing up to 20-25mph/35-40 km in range and able to climb 33-40% grade hill, this skateboard is extremely powerful and climbs hills like boards twice it's price. Other Esk8 boards at this price range can only tackle a 28% grade.The components of our skateboard are not waterproof, please do not ride in the water or in the rain.
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