AprilAire 201 Replacement Furnace Filter for AprilAire or Space-Gard 2200 or 2250 Whole-House Air Purifiers - MERV 10, 20x25x6 Air Filter (Pack of 1)

AprilAire 201 Replacement Furnace Filter for AprilAire or Space-Gard 2200 or 2250 Whole-House Air Purifiers - MERV 10, 20x25x6 Air Filter (Pack of 1)

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Brand Aprilaire
Material Bonded Glass Fiber
Product Dimensions 7.38"L x 25.19"W x 21.06"Th
MERV Rating 10
Compatible Devices AprilAire Models: 2200, 2250, or Space-Gard 2200, 2250

About this item

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE This genuine AprilAire 201 replacement air filter was designed and manufactured in the USA by AprilAire – the leader in indoor air quality solutions – to optimize the performance of your AprilAire or Space-Gard Air Purifier Models: 2200 or 2250
  • CREATE A HEALTHIER HOME by preventing airborne particles from circulating through the air in your home. This AprilAire 201 replacement air filter removes airborne particles as they pass through the MERV 10 filter including dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and pet dander.
  • EFFICIENT HOME AND HVAC SYSTEM PROTECTION - replace your filter annually for optimal performance - up to one year of filter life saves you time and effort
  • NOMINAL AIR FILTER SIZE of 20 x 25 x 6 inches (nominal size is an industry standard filter size system to help you easily identify the correct replacement filter and is not the actual size)
  • SAVE TIME & UPGRADE PERFORMANCE Consider the AprilAire 1213 Upgrade Kit. It replaces the original AprilAire 201 filter with a high performance 213 filter and new filter frame system, eliminating pleat spacers
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